Renovation of all your silverware without chemicals or abrasives

Your silverware is beautiful but it is scratched and altered by time.... Give it back the shine and splendour it deserves!

Silverware is passed down through families from generation to generation.
Its sentimental value is often invaluable, but the years have greatly damaged it.

Why don't you give your silverware a second life? Your silverware can be restored to its former glory and return to the way your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents knew it.
Without harmful or abrasive products, we ensure the renovation of your chandeliers, the renovation of your cutlery or the renovation of your candlesticks, metals, objects and old accessories.

Renovation of all your fittings parts

We can also renovate the hardware parts of your boat and restore their original lustre.
All deck hardware products used in pleasure boating and on yachts are subject to the wear and tear of time but also to sea spray, the sun....
We can restore them to their new appearance so that your boat retains all its elegance thanks to the efficiency of our hardware renovation process.

Renovation of all your accessories and old objects

Finally, we ensure the maintenance and renovation of all your old accessories and decorative metal objects.
Whether it is statues, precious objects, vases, candlesticks or trinkets, requiring special care of metals, we have the right renovation solution.